At Pinnacle Hearing we pride ourselves on our customer feedback. Here are just some of our testimonials.

John B
February 17, 2014

I was referred to Melissa by a friend and can I just say I have been thoroughly impressed with her work as an audiologist. I wasn't using a set of aids I got some time ago and had given up using them, but my friend insisted it was worth seeing another specialist.
He was right.
I'm now regularly using my aids after Melissa reprogrammed them and talked me through some things on how to use them. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
John B

Air Vice Marshal Russell N. Law, RAAF (Retd)
December 3, 2013

This is a testimonial I think is needed by all those people who are dissatisfied with the lack of effective clinical audiological advice and/or performance of hearing aids sold to them by 'big company' audiologists. Having been thus dissatisfied, I was fortunate to come across Pinnacle Hearing, a clinic for you and your family, small in size but big on  personal attention, professional knowledge, ability, equipment, privacy and follow up. Since consulting Pinnacle Hearing I can at last hear very well in all environments

I stress that Pinnacle Hearing did not seek this testimonial and that I voluntarily provide it for use if and as the Principal, Melissa Franks, sees fit.

I am available to back my opinions to anyone who cares to contact me.

Tony C
December 3, 2013

My experiences with Pinnacle Hearing have been most  positive and pleasant.

It has been most reassuring and comforting for me to realize that I was in the hands of caring , competent and pleasant professionals. It has been a real pleasure to deal with them.

Bec C
December 3, 2013

I have had a number of hearing consultations and tests over the last 30 years. The problem I have was one I was born with, and until I went to Pinnacle Hearing I had never received a satisfactory or clear explanation as to why I suffered hearing loss and tinnitus. Melissa Franks not only knew exactly what my problem was, she was able to explain it to me in a concise, easy to understand manner. I now know which avenues I can take to ease my problem. I would recommend Pinnacle Hearing to anyone who likes personal, effective, efficient service.

Jeff W
December 3, 2013

Hi Melissa,
Just to bring you up to date with regard to Fran. After the discussion with you some time ago and you spoke or wrote to Fran's Doctor. Fran went and saw her Dr and then her own Neurologist.  Even though we told him what you had advised he put the hearing loss down to age and virtually told me to not interfere. He did some balance type tests in his surgery and advised Fran to see a "Clinical Phsycologist".  He had a one track mind and kept insisting that Fran's problem was "Anxiety". Fran saw the Clinical Phsycologist for nearly an hour and the diagnosis was "no anxiety problems whatsoever, but a medical problem that needs fixing now". Fran had a few more giddy spells and was losing confidence by the day. The giddy spells were not as bad as the ones she had 12 months ago but were getting more frequent. One afternoon we went to Manly Hospital Emergency - they were great and the young doctor did an enormous number of tests and diagnosed "Meniere's Disease" - which is what you were referring to months before. Since then Fran has gone to a different Neurologist and has had many more tests done and it proved that she does have Meniere's Disease in both ears (the left one worse than the right) She is on a different medication now and has not had a serious giddy spell for about 3 months. We are not yet over the whole thing, but things are improving. Meniere's is not curable, but they can treat the symptoms.  Sometimes it actually goes into remission.

Pat yourself on the back Melissa!!!

All the best Melissa - use this email in any way that gives you credit.