Mobile Testing

Audiometric Testing in the Workplace

searing_signAt Pinnacle Hearing we offer an efficient and cost effective mobile testing program. Our methodology is designed to minimize downtime by performing all screening hearing tests onsite. We further measure how your noise management program is performing in achieving its objectives and provide you with easy to understand reports cards for each employee.

Services include:

Pre-employment screening and baseline tests
Carried out in accordance with the Australian standard, these tests provide information on any pre-existing hearing condition and serve as a baseline for subsequent hearing check ups. Under the code organizations are required to carry out baseline testing within three months of an employee commencing work.

Monitoring hearing tests
Required every 12 to 24 months for employees who routinely wear hearing protection in the workplace. Using our mobile testing equipment, monitoring test results are used to gauge if any hearing loss has occurred and determine how well your noise management plan is working.

As part of our service we provide practical advice to employees on how to look after their hearing health.

We handle reporting and analysis, monitoring changes over time and flagging any potential cases before they become a concern. We store back up reports online and hard copies to give you that added peace of mind.


Mobile hearing costs are determined on a sliding scale per test or our mobile hearing services can be charged on a per day basis.

Please call Mark Barraclough on 9440 9091 to tailor a program to suit your requirements.